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Welcome to RIMCO Equipment 

“There was an obvious need for a practical, robust and cost effective steel turning solution in the market, so we created the solution!” 

With over 25 years experience in the market, the RIMCO Rotator has been developed to take risk and cost out of turning structural steel beams.   
It also increases efficiency of your fabricating staff through more output of tonnes per hour, less fatigue and better quality welds. 
The RIMCO Rotator is Australian made and has a proven performance for it’s strength and reliability. 
Welding Fabrication personnel prefer to use the rotator over older methods of manual turning or using a crane to lift and turn the steel beams.  That’s why it’s the Metal Fabricator’s 1st choice! 

Find out more about the Application and Benefits of RIMCO Rotator in your work place.  

If you would like to see the RIMCO Rotator in action, click here.

Rimco Rotator – your steel material handling solution!

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